The Art Of Chocolate

Chocolate Memories

Says Andrea:
“The first childhood memory I have of chocolate is a morning at home in Mexico. I am sipping sweet, hot Frontera chocolate. I am wearing my first communion dress. I am filled with a sense of elation one feels when living an event you know will never repeat itself.

In Mexico, hot chocolate is the beverage of choice for weddings, first communions, baptisms and when children are born. On that special day, friends and relatives gather around the table. The best tableware is set. A basket covered with a hand embroidered napkin sits in the middle of the table. It holds an array of freshly baked breads with poetic names: concha (sea shell), cuerno (horn), or hojaldras (puff pastry meaning also a thousand leaves) and cochinitos (little pigs). When the chocolate is poured into he the cup, you begin to drink in its warmth and softness. You close your eyes and are overwhelmed with the pleasure of chocolate. A closeness fills the room because each member of the family is sharing the same happiness.”

In February 1985, I was a young mother who wanted a part-time job. I learned about Rex Morgen, who had just opened his chocolate shop in Dallas. Within three weeks he took me under his wing and I began my apprenticeship. I quickly learned that hand-made chocolate is a true art and , as all art, it has no limits. The rest is history, as they say!

In addition to making chocolate, I began to research its origin. The history of cacao is utterly fascinating. In ancient times, the cacao bean was used as currency; Aztec warriors such as Moctezuma and noblemen drank chocolate to maintain strength and gain wisdom; chocolate was eventually exported to European royal houses and became known all over the world. Chocolate is the source of innumerable love stories. The most surprising of  all is that it is powerful enough to change your moods and emotions.

Why is CocoAndré Chocolate special? Because we design each of truffle to arouse your palate. We infuse truffles with flavors natural to chocolate that enhance the rich taste of cocoa. We use only 100 percent cocoa butter-based, raw chocolate. CocoAndré chocolates contain no preservatives and are free of artificial flavors. We make the ganache base for our truffles with high quality ingredients.

In short, I am delighted to share my passion for chocolate with you. I invite you to experience the pleasure and make your own chocolate memories with CocoAndré Chocolates!”